Creating a new seed

**Before realizing any changes, REMEMBER to always backup your wallet and privatekeys**

You may open the Agama Wallet even when your computer is offline. Just proceed to the default login screen and create a new seed by clicking ‘Create new wallet’.


Step 1: Make sure your computer is not connected to the Internet. For increased security you may launch Agama Wallet from a live USB or CD.


Step 2: Activate a coin in the Basilisk Mode. 


Note! It is important to use the Basilisk Mode instead of Native Mode. Your address in Native Mode are not derived from the seed.



Step 3: Create a new seed by clicking ‘Create New Wallet’


Be careful in the seed generation process. Take the backups carefully and double check that you did not make any mistakes!


Please continue reading our recommendations for the best practices when creating an offline KMD address.

Best Practices

We recommend you to follow the following steps to eliminate all risks and mistakes that might happen due to a type in seed. 

  1. Create a new seed and take a proper backup. You should use either a paper backup and store it in a secure location or a digital backup that is encrypted (password manager). We recommend you to take at least two backups and keep them in two separate locations.

  2. Login in Basilisk Mode and write down the address shown. It is important that the address you later use to deposit funds matches with the seed you just backed up.

  3. Restart Agama Wallet and verify you get the same KMD address again. This is an important step, as it is possible you have made a mistake while writing down the seed. By logging in twice and seeing the same address you can be assured that everything works as expected. 

  4. You are now ready to deposit funds to your new address. Keep your seed safe.