Your coins are safe!

Don't worry, your coins are securely stored in a decentralized database called the blockchain. A wallet is used to access that database and to control your private keys that let you move your funds.

If you cannot see your balance, then you are not able to properly connect to the decentralized database. However, the coins are there!

Checking Your Balance

Step 1: Find an online explorer. As an example:

Step 2: Find a search field and copy paste your address into it.

Step 3: The explorer should return find your address and show the correct balance. If you see your balance, then you know for sure you have your coins.

Zero Balance in Basilisk Mode

Sometimes your wallet is unable to properly connect to the Basilisk network, which means you don't see the correct balance. The problem could be caused by the Basilisk Servers themselves, in which case there is not much you can do.

Most likely, however, you just need to update your dashboard.

Step 1: go to your dashboard and click 'Basilisk Actions' and select 'Clear cache' from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Wait two or three minutes. Agama Wallet will try to inquire information from the Basilisk Server network.

Note! Your dashboard should automatically update every 10 minutes.

Zero Balance in Native Mode

You must be fully synced in order to see your balance in Native Mode. Wait until the blockchain has been downloaded, and then you should see your balance.