The Easy Way

Send your whole balance back to the same address. Works using the Agama Wallet or Swing Wallet.

Instructions : --

In command line

Komodo-cli sendtoaddress "yourkmdaddress" "amount"

*amount = Should be 10KMD or more (we prefer sending whole balance to your self )

Note! You get your 5%APR interest as long as you claim the interest once per year.

Warning! Any z-transaction will nullify the interest.

Advanced Information

The following information is for advanced users who would like to gain a more complete understanding about how the interest works and how to reset it with properly without sending the whole balance. Let us begin.

  • Each UTXO accrues interest independently.
  • You may do a listunspent command to find out how many utxo you have.
  • Next, do that many small transactions one after the other before the previous ones get confirmed

The rules are simple:

1. must be over an hour old

2. must be for 10 or more KMD

3. must have nLockTime set

Accrues up to 5% of utxo amount at a rate of 5% per year

When you spend that utxo you are able to collect the accrued interest for that utxo.