Agama Wallet Releases: Latest Binary

Video Tutorial: (for refernce: Video is bit old)

Steps of initial install
1-Download and install the latest Agama installer Latest Binary
2-Run Agama after installtion is complete
3-Select Native Mode
4- In case you have Priv keys, If not proceed to next step
  Click on import keys, Paste privkeys into bottom space to confirm
   Stop Agama, replace old wallet.dat file (in case if you have one) in "%appdata%\komodo" folder and start Agama
5- Wait for bit long, Inorder to full sync blockchain ( takes upto 12hrs )
6- Click on receive icon to see your KMD address
7- Send KMD to your address.

 Backup Wallet procedure : --

 - Go to "%appdata%\komodo" folder
 -  Copy wallet.dat file some where on secure place.