If you are having technical problems with Agama, or otherwise want to be able to use your wallet from any PC or laptop, you can create a bootable live USB drive that you can then plug into any computer. Then just proceed to install Agama. 

Agama Wallet has been built and tested with Ubuntu 16.04, so it will work without any problems. 

Running Ubuntu from a USB Stick 

**Step 1**: Go to (https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop) to go to the download Ubuntu for desktop page 

**Step 2**: Click “Download” to download the required ISO file 


**Step 3**: Click "Not now, take me to the download" to download directly or choose your donator plan and click Pay with PayPal. We’re going to choose the first option. 


Your download should start automatically. Now, we need to create a bootable USB drive that will install Ubuntu on our second USB. To do so, we’ll need to download a program called Rufus, which can be downloaded here (Here). 

**Step 4**: Open Rufus and select your USB stick in the 'Device' drop-down. 


**Step 5**: Click the CD Rom icon next to the 'FreeDOS' drop-down 


**Step 6**: then find your downloaded Ubuntu ISO and click “Open” 


**Step 7**: Then, click “Start” 


**Step 8**: Click “Yes” when it asks to download Syslinux software