What are Assetchains?

They are independent blockchains created by using Komodo Platform's token generation technology. It allows developers to launch a fully independent blockchain while still enjoying all the perks of Komodo Platform such as Agama Multiwallet or BarterDEX. They share similar aspects of proxy-tokens such as Waves or Ethereum coins but with the independence of an autonomous blockchain that can leave the parent chain at any time. These independent blockchains can be used as the framework for cryptocurrencies, key-value storage, and Dapps. However their uses are not limited and real-world use cases are being created every day.

****If you were looking for the readme how to setup the assetchains, don't look further. It is integrated into Komodo already. For now, all you need to do is install Komodod and "activate" the assetchains so that you may interact with them.****

How do I start the assetchains?

1-Start Komodod

cd komodo/src

2-Start Assetchains

cd ~/komodo/src

Interacting with the Assetchains

Now that you have activated the assetchains, you must wait for them to sync like any other blockchain. Once all assetchains are fully synched, you can start interacting with them via command line. 

Main Commands

Most commands are similar to Komodod commands. With the exception that instead of ./komodo-cli you will use ./fiat-cli or fiat/tokenname as a precursor to the command.

  • Getinfo

cd komodo/src
fiat/"name" getinfo

Example: fiat/jumblr getinfo

  • Sendtoaddress

cd komodo/src
fiat/jumblr sendtoaddress "Komodo address"

Example: fiat/jumblr sendtoaddress RQr6trwnt897ytrgBTG4t456h7Ve1TMxtQ

Other Commands

  • Stop the assetchains
cd ~/komodo/src
fiat-cli stop

  • Find the current block hash to verify you are synchronized properly

cd ~/komodo/src
./fiat-cli getbestblockhash

For troubleshooting the assetchains, please reach out to support through Slack or follow this guide: https://github.com/SuperNETorg/komodo/wiki/Assetchains-Guide-for-Notary-Nodes#if-you-were-looking-for-the-readme-how-to-setup-the-assetchains-dont-look-further-it-is-integrated-into-komodo-now