What is Jumblr?

A decentralized coin-agnostic tumbler built into the Komodo Platform ecosystem. Jumblr leverages Komodo’s anonymous (zero-knowlegde) features to provide a service that is much more efficient than its centralized counterparts and does not require the users to trust any entity with their coins. 

So, how does it work? Simple Answer:

Through a sequential logic and internal swaps, zk-snarks anonymize Bitcoin/Altcoins through atomic swaps to KMD and back to its original state. 
Example of Bitcoin Jumblr sequence:  BTC→KMD→t-zz-zz-t→BTC

**t-z = transparent to z-address

***z-z = z-address to z-address

****z-t = z-address to transparent address

How is it Superior?

The Jumblr mechanism is built into komodo daemon and requires no centralized servers to realize a Jumblr sequence. Hence, it's a fully decentralized tumblr that does not require centralized servers or masternodes to tumble coins. Given the nature of Zcash and the underlying zk-snark tech, the Jumblr mechanism breaks the link between transactions without the need of a third party.