This guide will teach you how to import or use a backedup wallet.dat file and how to export the privatekeys.

Video Guide:

First part: The wallet.dat

1- Follow the command line installation guide:

2- Stop Komodod by closing the CMD windows or making: 

komodo-cli.exe stop

3- Navigate to %appdata% directory.

4- Open the Komodo folder.

5- Remove the wallet.dat in the directory and replace it with your backup.

6- Run Komodod and wait for rescan and blocks to load (up to 1 hour with full blockchain).

7- If your blockchain is not synched, it will take longer since you must synchronize up the latest block.

Second Part: The Privatekeys

If you have a wallet.dat you can use the command line to export or "dump" the privatekeys. This allows you to use the privatekey of any given address and import it into any client. It's much more mobile than a wallet.dat file. 

1- Start Komodod

2- After importing your wallet.dat into the komodo folder, you must run the following commands

#You must be fully synched
komodo-cli.exe listaddressgroupings
#this will show you the addresses with funds
komodo-cli.exe dumpprivkey "KOMODOADDRESS"

#Example: komodo-cli.exe dumpprivkey RQPH3ymE1ZJRDedxz2cjW2sUwYx477QsUX

3- You will see a long string that starts with a "U", that is your privatekey

C:\Users\PTYX\Desktop\komodo>komodo-cli.exe dumpprivkey RTZYiWonf2AMXT9SBH2nVoWhpZz5tvFTmS