for those who are syncing their BTCD chain on a native wallet. Here is the zipped blockdata (up to date):

Download URL:

sha256 checksum: a2bc3316b5613522cbd63c8dee5359296c386b623df0bf4f5f4edcd0bb2defde

1) shut down your wallet, backup your wallet.dat and delete everything except the wallet.dat and BitcoinDark.conf file in your blockdata folder:

    a) on Windows: `C:\username\AppData\Roaming\BitcoinDark\`

    b) on OSX: `~/Library/Application Support/BitcoinDark/`

    c) on Linux: `~/.BitcoinDark/`

2) unzip the folder and move the files/folders to your BTCD appdata directory. After this process you have the following files/folders in your BTCD data directory:

    a) BitcoinDark.conf

    b) wallet.dat

    c) txleveldb/

    d) database/

    e) blk0001.dat

3) start your wallet and watch it sync up pretty fast