When an important update is implemented such as a notary node election, code fixes, or feature additions all miners must update in order to avoid forking or mining orphaned blocks. The process is similar to the installation process with the exception that there will be no need to resync the blockchain unless specified by the developers.

Update the Komodo daemon

cd ~

git clone https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/komodo

cd komodo

git checkout master

git pull


(this may take some time)

Resyncing Komodo

Warning: Before proceeding backup your wallet.dat and privatekeys!

##  Remove the blocks and chainstate folders cd ~ cd .komodo
rm -rf blocks chainstate database komodostate*

## Restart komodo deamon

cd ~
cd komodo/src
./komodod -daemon

When it is finished syncing you have fully updated the Komodo deamon!